Interviews: A conversation with NuSoul, the Poet

NuSoul, the Poet joins Messaging to Welcome you 2 the Dawn. In this country, there have been people in high positions who have profited on keeping America divided. However, along the way we’re still going to have different opinions, but as human beings we should still be able to overcome and look past the divide and have a civilized conversation by exercising our First Amendment rights as Americans. On the contrary, it’s not about who’s culture is the best. It’s about Kingdom Culture, and there is nothing greater than the Kingdom of God. As the Dawn approaches, I had the opportunity to speak with NuSoul, who is originally from Monroe Louisiana and now resides in Beaumont Texas, where he talks about his Debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn,” the era of mumble rap, Prince, the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop, Black Lives Matter, and Candace Owens. I appreciate NuSoul, the Poet for sharing his memories and observations, and I hope you will enjoy this controversially fun and intellectual interview.

Interviews: A conversation with Casey JaNissa

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, representing San Antonio, Texas, the most unblemished wordsmith amongst all dual lyricists; the reigning, defending, undisputed Queen of the Ring, Battle Rap Champion of the World, Casey JaNissa! I had the privilege to connect with the undefeated champion, Casey JaNissa to discuss the gender reveal of her newly born, how many casualties she’s defeated, her debut album, “Gold Blooded,” Nicki Minaj, and the genesis of what brought her to become a battle rapper at Queen of the Ring.

Interviews: A conversation with 90 ONE

It’s Beyond Music: The return of a young, Huey Newton is in full force, and 90 ONE is back and ready, and he’s going harder than ever before in order to bring around a change that counts. In our discussion, I had the chance to sit down and shoot a variety of very important questions to the up and coming Hip-Hop artist, 90 ONE. The lyrical Emcee speaks on his upbringing, organizing events, President Trump’s wall, his upcoming 7 track EP “90s BACK,” and working alongside Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles’s record label, Music World Entertainment.

Interviews: A conversation with Gemma Louise Doyle

Upon successfully getting her newly released single "Reason," onto the UK Music Charts on ITunes, I had the upmost honor and privilege in speaking with the eloquently beautiful, United Kingdom-based singer/songwriter, Gemma Louise Doyle. Gemma takes us on a short, but meaningful conversation where she talks about her new single, hitting the UK music charts, our purpose in life, and her friendship with former Iron Maiden band member, Tony Moore.